Online Education Readiness Self-Assessment

The questions rate your skills from "Not at all like me" to "Extremely like me." There are no wrong answers. Just answer each question as to how it best describes you to get the most accurate assessment of your readiness for online learning.

My Tech Skill Level

Question Rating
I feel comfortable communicating via email.
I know how to use programs like Microsoft Word/PowerPoint, and/or Google Docs/Slides.
I know how to use web browsers like Chrome to search the internet and bookmark web pages.
I know how to attach pictures from my phone or computer to an email.

My Learning Style Preference

Question Rating
I prefer reading, viewing multi-media and learning independently when my schedule allows.
I prefer having a structured class time with my teacher and classmates.
I find it easy to self-organize and manage my time independently.
Meeting regularly with my instructor and classmates helps me stay on track with assignments and due dates.
I am comfortable reaching out to my instructor for help when I have a question.

My Online Learning Resources

Question Rating
I have a quiet area where I can attend a Zoom class session and complete my online coursework (or I know that I can find a quiet space on campus).
I have a computer that I can use to work on assignments and take quizzes or exams.
I have access to a stable wi-fi connection.
I would like to use the college's student resources (computer lab, tutoring, counseling, library, etc.) online or on campus.

This self-assessment is inspired by the assessment created by Dr. Marcel Kerr and Dr. Kimberly Rynearson - TOOLS: Test of Online Learning Success, and the University of Arkansas Online Course Readiness Quiz.